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From our vast experience in Property Management and Holiday Rentals, we know what guests are expecting. We are attentive to the latest trends and the reasons as to why more people book holiday homes. With our experience and your personal touch, together our brainstorming session will mean a hassle free and easy transition into the holiday rental industry.

Basic Pack

This package is the most basic option. It is not actually a solution, as it includes only the actual hard furniture. It is however, an option for clients that have the extra time and money to spend searching for the other kitchen utensils, lighting, textiles and decoration. 

Essential Pack

A package created for the minimal essentials that are needed to move into your home with. Again, ideally for those looking only for the essentials to be able to get by. Although it includes a bit more, again this is only an option for those clients that have the extra time and money spend searching for the additional kitchen utensils, lighting, textiles and decoration.


Furniture Pack 

This is the most popular package with all our clients! Why? Because it’s a simple turnkey service! What’s necessary? Only one brainstorming session with our team and next time you visit, your dream holiday home on Portugal’s sunny Silver Coast awaits you. This pack is created from our experience in the holiday rental market and has everything you and your future guests will ever need for a great holiday!

Furniture Pack


The name basically says it all. Upgrade your rental package to give you or your future guests, that extra bit of luxury! Choose your own unique style and turn your property into a Deluxe holiday home!

Tailor Made Pack

Although our options above are geared towards ensuring your personal taste is accounted for, we also know that there are still many clients that would love a tailored made package with 3D images. Please do not hesitate to ask us for a quote.

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